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Wendy Groomes has been an animal lover her whole life, and has worked with animals professionally for close to three decades.

I come by this work naturally, it’s in my bloodline and my heart and soul. My great-grandfather was a farrier and a blacksmith, and our ancestors groomed horses, hence the name Groomes.

I resonate with furry creatures and nature, with the ones who speak the language of frequency (ever notice how animals adjust their posture according to your energy, emotions, and body language?).

After decades of offering animal 

communication, energy healing and conscious touch locally and from a distance, and a decades of pet-sitting care, I now turn my attention to teaching others how to do the same.

Of course personal sessions will always be available, while also following my passion for creative writing and compassionate education, fostering inter-species communication between humans and the natural world.

Our new offerings are meant to build bridges and provide guardians with tools to connect them more intimately with their beloved pets, and nature.


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Welcome to Conscious Paws Press & AnimalSpiritAlchemy Academy!
We are here to serve the masses in learning to actively foster their

relationship with their pet(s) and the Natural world.  

The Press and the Academy come straight to you digitally right in your home, with recorded and live educational course material (videos, eBooks and more), as well as one-on-one consultations.

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